Service Details and Price List

① When you need our service, Please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

② We will contact you by Email or phone. Please ask us any questions or mention
specific requests.
(Our Email may arrive in your spam folder. Please check and contact us again if you do
not hear from us.)

③ After arranging to meet by Email/phone, we will visit your place and have a “first-time
After consulting and Q&A, we will draw up a contract.

④ On the required date(s), we will visit your place and take care of your pets as you
wish. See below for details. Each day we will send you an Email, which includes photos
of your pet.

Note that a first-time meeting is only necessary when you use our service for the first time.
After that, you can directly order our service via Email.

Price List

The basic price is 2500 yen + transportation fee per visit.
The price per visit decreases with multiple visits (see table).
First-time meeting fee: 2500 yen (registration fee)

Basic price
2500 yen /per visit
2400 yen / per visit (total 4 times or more)
2300 yen / per visit (total 7 times or more)
2200 yen / per visit (total 10 times or more)
(All prices include sales tax.)

Details of Prices and Additional Fees

The basic prices above are for:
One small dog without walking (additional price of 500 yen/per walk)
One or two cats
One cage containing animals (birds, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferrets, meerkats,
monkeys, etc.)
An additional fee will be charged if you have more animals:
Same species: 300 yen per animal (for example, a third cat or a second bird cage)
Different species: 1000 yen per animal (for example, a dog and a cat)

Service Area and Transportation Fee

Our service covers the Nakano and Suginami wards and the surrounding area (see map
The transportation fee is based on the distance and train/bus fare (the average fee is
around 300–600 yen per visit).

Simo-igusa Saginomiya Toritsu-kasai
Nogata Numabukuro
Nakai Ochiai

Prepaid Coupon

You can buy prepaid coupons covering the cost of 10 visits. Coupons can be used on
any day you want (not only consecutive days).

Peak Holiday Surcharge

500 yen per visit will be added during peak holiday times (Golden Week, Obon summer
1000 yen per visit will be added on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve.


Cancellation is free up to two days before our agreed visit. We charge a cancellation fee
of 50% for cancellation the day before and 100% for cancellation on the day.

Service Details

Services include feeding, watering, cleaning up litter boxes, brushing, training/playing,
etc., as required.
If your pets are shy, we will keep our distance from them and do other tasks (cleaning
up, etc.).
If we notice anything of concern about your pet, we will contact you first.
In the case of an emergency health problem, we will take them to see a vet (charge
We will borrow a key for in-home services. Our security policy will be explained in the
first-time meeting.
If your pet lives outside your home (in the garden or an outside cage, etc.), we will not
need a key. Please leave food, bedding, etc., outside.
Birds and small animals: We can take care of them outside their cage during our visit
with your approval. Sometimes it may not be easy to take them to see a vet if they are
ill. Therefore, we will do our best to look after them in your home.
Please note that we cannot feed live animals/insects to pets.新しいタブで開く)

We can also visit hotels and other venues to look after pets.
We also offer a long-term service in case you are hospitalized. We can offer on-demand
services. Please ask us for details.

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